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Posts: 44
Registered: ‎10-27-2015

Coordinate readout on mouse click

Hi All,



does anybody knows how can I get current coordinates on mouse click using Portal API?

Any other way than this?





Any help is much appreciated


var cursorX;
var cursorY;

$GP.ready("v1.0", function () {
	document.addEventListener('mousemove', function(e){ 
	cursorX = e.pageX;
        cursorY = e.pageY;

		categoryIndex: 0,
		xtype: "tbbutton",
		text: "Coordinate Readout",
		handler: function (a) {
				"type": "Point" 
			}, function (r) {

function showToolTip () {
	lat = ParseDMS($(".wc_map_coords").find("input")[0].value);
	lon = ParseDMS($(".wc_map_coords").find("input")[1].value);
		{   sourceCrsId: $GP.crs.getCurrent(), 
			targetCrsId: "EPSG:27700",
			points:[{x: lat, y:lon}]
		function (result) {
			easting = result.points[0].x;
			northing = result.points[0].y;
			tooltipText = '<table>'+
			       '<tr><td>Latitude: '+lat+'</td></tr>'+
				   '<tr><td>Longitude: '+lon+'</td></tr>'+
				   '<tr><td>Easting: '+easting+'</td></tr>'+
				   '<tr><td>Northing: '+northing+'</td></tr>'+
			tooltip = new Ext.Tip({
				target: $(".map"),
				html: tooltipText,
				autoShow: true,
				autoScroll: true,
				focusOnToFront: true,
				autoHide: true,
				closable: true
			tooltip.showAt([cursorX, cursorY]);


Thank you in advance.


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