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Spectral Profile of Panchromatic Data DMSP-OLS

I'd like to get a spectral profile of light values with DMSP-OLS data, but it's panchromatic. I need more than one layer to do this. I ended up stacking the same raw image data to get 2 layers in order to draw a spectral profile within the light areas. It worked, but should there be anything I need to consider when doing this? I had really good variation in profiles. Thanks.

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Re: Spectral Profile of Panchromatic Data DMSP-OLS

The Spectral Profile tool only works with multi-layer data because it is plotting the pixel value (Y-axis) against the band number (X-axis). The Inquire Cursor will essentially report the same information but in tabular form instead of a chart and the Inquire Cursor will work with single-layer or multi-layer data.


Have you considered using the Spatial Profile tool? It uses a polyline instead of a point and it reports the pixel values that fall under the line instead of a point. The Spatial Profile tool also allows you to view statistical information in tabular format (View menu > Tabular Data) and you can link the profile plot to the active View and the tabular data (View menu > Link Chart).




Stephen Bent

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Registered: ‎12-04-2017

Re: Spectral Profile of Panchromatic Data DMSP-OLS

I think for what we are doing the Inquire cursor will work just fine; but either are great options.Thank you so much!

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