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Stereo Analyst for ArGIS not recognizing pyramid layers

Hi All,


I am trying to build pyramid layers for ADS40 imagery for viewing in SAfA. I am batching pyramids on the ADS .sup files in ArcMap 10.5.1 and then using those .sup files to create block files (.blk) for use in SAfA. The .sup files generate pyramids perfectly and can be tested in Arc, however when I add them to a .blk file and then check their Raster Dataset Properties pyramids are listed as 'absent'.


I have no idea why this would be as the .sup files themselves have generated pyramid layers and I have been able to do this same procedure successfully before using the same datasets.


Does SAfA support .ovr pyramid layers? This seems to be the only thing I can think of that would cause this problem (where Arc recognizes pyramids have been built but SAfA does not). I am certain I have worked in SAfA before using imagery with .ovr pyramids.


Any insights into this would be very helpful!






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Re: Stereo Analyst for ArGIS not recognizing pyramid layers

Stereo Analyst does not support the .ovr pyramid layers (GDAL overview files) created by Esri ArcGIS. Renaming or removing the .ovr files from the same folder as their associated images and rebuilding the pyramid layers should resolve this issue.


This article explains how you can build pyramids for the .sup files in a batch using ArcCatalog:



Kind regards,


Stephen Bent

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Re: Stereo Analyst for ArGIS not recognizing pyramid layers

Pyramids in generally are more or less software dependable thing. Each tool uses its own and they are not usable anywhere else. This is not whole truth as sometimes internal TIF pyramids made by third party works in Imagine but for example between ArcGIS and IMAGINE you have to rebuild pyramids for both tools.


So rule of thumb is that always let software compute pyramids and statistics it wants and do not assume those same files made in other tool works somewhere else. Sometimes this is bit painfull process but in all cases it is mots likely the least painfull way.




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Re: Stereo Analyst for ArGIS not recognizing pyramid layers

Hi Stephen,


Thanks for your reply, it seems that Arc has generated some of my .sup files with a .ovr pyramid layer and others with .rrd.  I will do your recommended fix and rebuild all the ovr ones on an older Arc licsense so they are all built as .rrds and I don't have any coming out as .ovrs.


I just wanted to confirm that the Stereo Analyst extension for ArcGIS will not recognize .ovr files. This was always my understanding too but I have checked and I have .blk files with recognized pyramid layers that I can view in stereo where the pyramids have been built as .ovr. It is strange to me that .ovr files would be recognized by SAfA, so I am assuming the .rrd files are there somewhere just not in the folder I thought.


thanks again!



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