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Registered: ‎04-12-2016

Iterator Trigger




Is there any known issue with Iterator triggers in GMSC v. 2016?


I'm trying to use a simple one, with the following code, but it doesn't work!


<FormTable name="IDPERITO" idfield="ID" label=" " lov="SQL[SELECT DISTINCT ID, NOME FROM DROTA_RecursosHidricos.dbo.DPM_PedidoPericiaJudicial_LV_Peritos]" defaultvalue="SQL[Select DISTINCT IDPERITO From DROTA_RecursosHidricos.dbo.DPM_PedidoPericiaJudicial_Peritos Where IDPEDIDO = {FORM.ID}]" visible="true" persisted="false" selectionmode="multiple" saveinsession="true">
<FormTableField name="NOME" label="Peritos" datatype="string" />


<WorkflowTrigger name="AssignPeritoTrigger" type="SqlIteratorTrigger" method="afterinsert,afterupdate" >
<Param name="Sql" value="Insert Into DROTA_RecursosHidricos.dbo.DPM_PedidoPericiaJudicial_Peritos (IDPEDIDO, IDPERITO) Values ({FORM.ID}, {FORM.IDPERITO})"/>


Any ideas?





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