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Registered: ‎01-17-2018
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Installing GeoMedia 20114 an using it in French

Hi everyone


Can somebody tell us, whether or not GeoMedia v16.2 (20114) can be installed on top of a French language package (most recent seems to be from June 2017 https://download.hexagongeospatial.com/downloads/geomedia/geomedia-desktop-2016-v16-2-french-languag...) so it can be used in French? 


Thanks in advance!

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Re: Installing GeoMedia 20114 an using it in French

Hi livia.wyss,


you first have to remove the older language pack, then update to 16.2 and at last install the french langauage pack.

It's the same procedure with the german language pack, so it should work.


This is the official steps:


If you have previously installed any language pack for the previous GeoMedia Desktop, you must follow the steps below:

  1. Run the Configuration Wizard from the Start Menu to set the Language to English.
  2. Remove the previous version of GeoMedia Desktop language pack.
  3. Update to GeoMedia Desktop 2016 v16.2 (16.00.0000.20059).
  4. Install the new language pack

On machines without GeoMedia installed, please do the following:

  1. Install GeoMedia Desktop 2016 v16.1 (16.00.0000.10267).
  2. Update to GeoMedia Desktop 2016 v16.2 (16.00.0000.20059).
  3. Install the new language pack

GeoMedia Desktop 2016 v16.2 version 16.00.0000.20059


Hope that helps!


GAUSS Ingenieurtechnik GmbH | Germany
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