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Registered: ‎01-17-2018
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Option for clear display of several objects at the same location

Where can I find the option in GeoMedia that several objects at the same location are not displayed on top of each other but in order?

For example, if there are several objects in a FeatureSet with the same coordinate we want them to be placed in a geometric pattern (e.g. circle, rectangle) around the coordinate, so that a beautifully ordered representation for plan printing, WMS or WebMap is created.


Thanks a lot in advance!

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Re: Option for clear display of several objects at the same location

Hi livia


If you can make a difference between the objects along there display order you can use a Thematic Legend Entry. There you can sort the sub entries.


Features in a data set are not sorted in general. It's not like in spreadsheet applications (Excel etc.).


The display order in GeoMedia follows the data collection order. But this is not guaranteed. The rule is 'there is no order'.

Sometimes it helps to fill the data in the desired order in a new table - but it's a dirty workaround.


Best regards,


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