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Frequent Contributor
Posts: 93
Registered: ‎01-14-2018

Null values not represented in Browser application charts

Dear all,


I am using M.App Enterprise 16.1, 
I want to create a browser application using Map Views, 

But I faced a problem when creating a pie chart; I choosed a column of type character varying (containing some values of null) as the dimension, and Count as the measure, but unfortunately I got the following chart with no representation.


I tried to update the null values with a '' character and the chart now is represented correctly.

But as you know that I was foreced to change in the database values and remove set everything that's null with a value which is not a good way to solve the problem as I want to keep these null values in the database.


Is there a solution for this problem or a workaround that keeps the null values without changing.


Note: I also tried bar charts with no solution.


Best regards


Posts: 799
Registered: ‎10-18-2015

Re: Null values not represented in Browser application charts

hi Khaled,


you should be able to create a custom attribute using such a logic. I've done this many times in Feature Analyzer using functional attributes, I've never tried to configure it in standard BIMap.



Stefano Turcato
Presale Engineer
Hexagon Geospatial
Frequent Contributor
Posts: 93
Registered: ‎01-14-2018

Re: Null values not represented in Browser application charts

Hi Stefano,


I am still stucked in that issue, 
I also tried to create a feature analyzer app but whenever I choosed the vector set it keeps loading forever as following:






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