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GeoMedia Smart Client Workflow Manager provides tools for building and delivering highly-constrained, map-based workflows for the office or the field.
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How to add branding to your Workflow

by Technical Evangelist ‎08-17-2018 06:16 AM - edited ‎08-19-2018 11:39 PM (104 Views)


How can I add custom logo or company branding to our workflows?


he recommended approach is to use custom footer (or header) for your Workflow. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to "...\GeoMedia SmartClient\Program\Workflows\Views\Shared" and create FormFooter.cshtml.
    You can alternatively use FormHeader.cshtml to create custom header.
  2. Edit the FormFooter.cshtml file, putting this HTML code
    <div style="display:table;width:100%;">
        <div style="display:table-row;background-color:White">
            <div style="display:table-cell;padding-left: 15px">
                <h2>Workflow Footer Sample</h2>
            <div style="display:table-cell;text-align:right;padding-right:10px;">
                <img src="~/Custom/Images/GSP.png" />
    NOTE: .cshtml files are compiled by ASP.NET runtime, accepting ASP.NET-specific notations. In our case, we just use relative image path (~/...) which will be computed during compile time (more on this topic on MSDN).
  3. Download the attached GSP.png logo and place it into "...\GeoMedia SmartClient\Program\Workflows\Custom\Images" folder.
  4. Run the Workflow, you should see result similar to:

To study more on the customization approaches we recommend to visit the online documentation - Workflow Manager Developer Guide, topic Workflow Design > Views and Templates.


Also see attached sample FormHeader.zip with related .cshtml and image files.