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Spatial Modeler provides the user with hundreds of functions, algorithms and analytical routines that can easily be chained together into models that solve Geospatial problems. This page provides examples of Spatial Models built using the Spatial Model Editor (available in IMAGINE Professional, GeoMedia Professional and other Hexagon Geospatial products) which can be downloaded and used as is, or can be modified to suit your particular needs. If you're looking for an example of how to use a specific Operator, type the Operator's name in the Search dialog below and all the Spatial Models which contain that Operator should be listed.
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Principal Component Analysis (PCA) is an extremely useful technique for reducing multi-band raster data to a more manageable number of independent bands. Often this is simply a matter of calculating the Eigen Values to determine which of the first few Principal Components (PCs) represent the majority of the information and just keeping the most important PC bands. But sometimes you want to know which of the original bands contributed the most to those important PCs. Calculating the Factor Loadings helps you make this determination.

Report Factor Loadings (Correlation) between Principal Components and Input Bands


Quickly convert a Table with n rows to a n x n Matrix where each column contains the original Table values

Smear a Table to a Matrix (Snippet)