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NDVI Report Summary



I have been working with agricultural fields and creating NDVI images with 10 class breakdowns.  I've been trying to create some type of summary report that would show the NDVI Image & 10classes with corresponding colors & % breakdown of each class.  Currently I have been able to create a report by taking screenshots of the image and classes and then putting them together in Photoshop while adding text to it.  I was wondering if ERDAS had any feature that could assist in producing these reports as the Photoshop process is not time viable with the amount of images being produced.



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Re: NDVI Report Summary

Hi Nick,


I would suggest creating a map composition for your NDVI image and adding a legend with multiple columns showing the class names and percentage breakdown of each class. If you have not computed the percentage for each class yet, this can be accomplished using the raster attribute table. Use the Column Properties dialog to create a new column with Real data. Set the format to 0.00 and use the formula Histogram/total number of pixels * 100. For example, if your image is 512 pixels x 512 pixels the total number of pixels would be 262144 and your formula would be $”Histogram”/262144*100.


This eTraining video illustrates how to create and edit a map composition: 

Creating a Map Composition Using ERDAS IMAGINE




Stephen Bent

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