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Posts: 25
Registered: ‎11-16-2015

Timeout in geoprocessing


Question to PC rather as its not implemented yet on product Smiley Wink

Will it be possible to define a max. processing time to avoid ‘running out of gas’ from a “never ending” geoprocess request?



Posts: 646
Registered: ‎10-18-2015

Re: Timeout in geoprocessing

Hi Tomasz,


are you talking about geoprocessing integration? Geoprocessing engine will be a different component, so there should not be such an issue. If your concern is about the time spent for each geoprocessing request, yes, that might happen if there is any problem with the server or the process configuration itself. BTW the communication between the app and the geoprocessing engine is asynchronous, so the app will not be stuck in waiting for the process executio, will just check for its completion.


Does it answer your question?




Stefano Turcato
Presale Engineer
Hexagon Geospatial
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