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WebGIS enables powerful geospatial web applications and services that securely share your organization’s rich geospatial data, and provides tools to deeply examine spatial data and create value added products, on demand.
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GeoMedia WebMap 2018 Release Announcement (

by Moderator on ‎03-01-2018 10:14 AM - edited on ‎09-26-2018 01:45 AM by Technical Evangelist (542 Views)

The GeoMedia WebMap 2018 ( is available for download at the Hexagon Geospatial downloads website.


Install Instructions:


  1. Insure Prerequisites have been installed
  2. If a version of 15 prior to EP06 of Geospatial Portal, GeoMedia WebMap (all tiers), ERDAS APOLLO (all tiers) is installed run the Administration Console 2015 Configuration Update
  3. Uninstall any previous versions of ERDAS APOLLO Essentials/Advantage/Professional, GeoMedia WebMap  Essentials/Advantage/Professional, Geospatial SDI, or Geospatial Portal
  4. Run Setup.exe
  5. Follow the installation wizard
  6. If WebMap was previously installed upgrade all instances in the Administration Console.

Refer to the attached GeoMedia_WebMap_Installation_Guide.PDF




  • "Server with a GUI" installation option
  • NET Framework 4.5.2
  • Windows Identity Foundation Version 3.5
  • Internet Information Services (IIS) 7.x or 8.0
    • IIS-StaticContent
    • IIS-WebServerRole
    • IIS-Metabase
    • IIS-WindowsAuthentication
    • IIS-ISAPIExtensions
    • IIS-ISAPIFilter
    • WCF-HTTP-Activation
    • IIS URL authentication 
    • MSMQ-Server


Fixes and Highlights included:


  • Simple automated publishing of the services and portals directly from GeoMedia Desktop to local or remote servers with GeoMedia WebMap Publisher Administrator.
  • Modernized server with improved map labeling experience and automated creation of dynamic labels configuration file (LRF)
  • Vector features display in Consumer layout has been enhanced to display layers from vector feature classes published through WFS, and feature attributes can be displayed.
  • 3D vector data display over the Web, including features highlighting and attribute data display via tooltips, sunlight and shadows visualization, as well as on-demand dynamic data extrusion based on the selected attribute values to enable third dimension over standard 2D data.
  • Display of underground features and first-person perspective in 3D view.

Refer to attached Release Notes Geospatial SDI WebGIS_2018_Release_Guide.pdf


Important Note:


It is required that Hexagon Geospatial Platform Suite and Provider Suite products installed on this server have the same
release and patch version. Before you start installation, please go through the following steps to facilitate the server update

1) Verify the products installed on the server.

2) Check if the product installation/upgrade concerns two or more of the following products:.

  • Platform Suite: GeoMedia WebMap, Geospatial SDI, Geospatial Portal.
  • Provider Suite: ERDAS APOLLO.

3) Make sure that for the products detected in point (2) there are compatible patches available.
Make sure all products detected in point (2) are upgraded to the compatible patch before you initiate instance upgrade
procedure. In case some of the products do not provide a compatible patch do not proceed with the installation.