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GeoMedia WebMap Training (hypothetical scenario)

Hi All,


A customer purchases a GeoMedia WebMap license for one server machine. The customer has 5 GIS experts each running GeoMedia Desktop software on their standalone desktops within the same network as the Server machine. 


Now, since the customer wants all the 5 GIS experts to develop proficiency on using the purchased GeoMedia WebMap software to publish maps, they request for hands-on training for the 5 GIS experts. As the trainer, i have to train them at the same time using their server.


The question is, how am i going to give them a hands-on training while we can not access the server at the same time when publishing the maps?


Is there a workaround to ensure all the 5 get hands-on training at the same time?

For instance can each use their own GeoMedia Desktop to publish the maps to the server?  If so what would be my set up and do i need any extra licenses?









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Re: GeoMedia WebMap Training (hypothetical scenario)

Hi Elvon,


This is interesting and not very common scenario as usually there's only one admin taking care of WebMap services at a time.


I'd say this should work for 5 persons but you must make sure that each one of them uses different service source names and instance names. For example:

User1 - WMS-source1 - WMSInstance1

User2 - WMS-source2 - WMSInstance2



  • Windows Server and particularly IIS should handle multiple access to the Administration Console, even using the same Administrator account. It might be safer to have 5 disparate accounts for each user beloning to Administrators group.
  • The server has to allow for concurrent access of all 5 users when the remote log on is necessary (i.e. when modifying web.config files). You have to somehow manage how the users will work with Services, such as WWW, WebMap, SDIProCacheFiller (!)
  • I can imagine that teaching the WMTS will be tricky...

There is no need for any special license.




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