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Registered: ‎01-14-2016

Geospatial Portal and feature ESRI REST service



I saw one post here reg WMS/WMTS REST service, but I have another issue.

Does anyone know how to publish FEATURE ArcGIS REST services in Geospatial Portal? 

Example is:


It has not public IP, but seems, like this service returns structured text in JSON format.


Is there any workaround / hack how to add this data (in WMS / WFS) in a map in GP?





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Re: Geospatial Portal and feature ESRI REST service

Hello Kirill


Looking at http://help.arcgis.com/en/arcgisserver/10.0/apis/rest/formattypes.html it appears that more than JSON may be available as an out put type.

You may want to investigate to see if there is an output type other than f=json that you pull into portal.

The other option would be to see if you could bring in another output type in GM and then publish using WebMap out to Portal.




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