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Foundation API Introduction

by Technical Evangelist on ‎09-19-2016 07:08 AM (1,996 Views)



Smart M.App Foundation provides the core API for building applications and services in the Smart M.App environment. The Foundation API is a set of HTTP services that allow you to retrieve and manage your data, publish your data to various display services, run geoprocessing models, and more.


The Smart M.App API Console allows you to view and experiment with the Foundation API. You can exercise all of the Foundation API methods through the API Console as well as view documentation and descriptions of the inputs and outputs of each API method. The API Console is available through the M.App Exchange and is included in an HGDN subscription.


Some of the Foundation API is exposed through the M.App Studio Javascript API, see the M.App Platform API: Manage items stored in your M.App Chest section in the M.App Studio Javascript API article.


API Methods


The following table lists and describes the main API methods. Some methods have child endpoints with related functionality, such as /api/v1/items/{id}/attachments/{attachmentname}. The API methods and any available child endpoints are described in more detail in the API Console.


Name Endpoint Description
Uploads /api/v1/uploads Upload data to Smart M.App
Downloads /api/v1/downloads Download data from Smart M.App
Search /api/v1/search.json Search for all types of items in the data catalog using a JSON payload request
Items /api/v1/items A more RESTful API for retrieving and managing all types of items in the data catalog
Folders /api/v1/folders Retrieve folders from the catalog
Images /api/v1/images Retrieve image datasets from the catalog
Features /api/v1/features Retrieve vector features from the catalog
Point Clouds /api/v1/pointclouds Retrieve point cloud datasets from the catalog
Business Data /api/v1/businessdata Retrieve documents, pictures, etc. from the catalog
Application Definitions /api/v1/app_defns Retrieve application definitions from the catalog
Map Definitions /api/v1/map_defns Retrieve map definitions from the catalog
Favorites /api/v1/favorites Favorite and unfavorite catalog items
Attachment Uploads /api/v1/attachmentuploads Upload attachments to catalog items
Dataset Ops /api/v1/datasetops Perform various operations on catalog items, such as delete.
Publications /api/v1/publications Register and unregister data with display services
Compressions /api/v1/compressions Compress image and point cloud data
Geoprocesses /api/v1/geoprocesses Run geoprocesses and query for the inputs, outputs, and status
Models /api/v1/models Manage spatial models and operators
Processes /api/v1/processes Manage spatial processes
Content Providers /api/v1/contentproviders Search for and order data from third party content providers
Client Registration /clients/authorize, /oauth/clients Register M.App clients in the system