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Valued Contributor
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API Reference Layered View - how it works

Dear all,

in the documentation I found this:



The NCSLayeredView plug-in enables your web page to load and display ECW and JPEG 2000 compressed images by specifying its URL. Is the NCSLayeredView a browser plug-in? 

Can someome please telle me how an user can take advantage of this API? thank you

For example, can I use this API with Open Layer?


thanks, regards

Giuseppe Maldera

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Re: API Reference Layered View - how it works

NCSLayeredView is a very old JavaScript library that is no longer being actively developed. So I would suggest using WMS/WMTS via Open Layers or Leaflet if possible.


All images that have a defined EPSG code can be easily displayed using Open Layers or Leaflet as WMS/WMTS layers.

Layers that do not have any spatial referencing can be displayed as WMS in Open Layers using the projection CRS:1

This is how the CRS:1 Projection can be defined in Open Layers

var projection = new ol.proj.Projection({
  code: 'CRS:1',
  units: 'pixels',
  extent: extent



But if you still want some samples on how to use NCSLayeredView, there are some samples that come with Apollo core.




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Re: API Reference Layered View - how it works



Any suggestion how to manage authentication best when working with leaflet to request the WMS?


Kind regards