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Add To Map - not showing image



When adding an image to map in Data Manager, the image isn't showed and I get the following error in APOLLOCore.log:


ERROR com.erdas.ecwsdk.cnet - NCScnetCreate(): CopyFile(C:\Windows\system32\wininet.dll, C:\Windows\TEMP\wininet.dll) FAILED
WARN com.erdas.iws.statistics - Unable to map layer names to virtual names. Details: GetVirtualDatasetFullName and GetVirtualFolderFullName failed for 240_125 Unable to open service APOLLO-Catalog


This image seems to be Ok. I looked to the image header and it seems fine. Also I've added this in ERDAS Imagine and it worked.


I have other images in the catalog that are working on Data Manager map.


Anyone can help with this?

If necessary I can send the image.

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Re: Add To Map - not showing image

please submit support ticket and attach a test image.