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New Contributor
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Registered: ‎01-20-2019

Apollo 16.5 miantenance conditions

Dear Community


can you help me with the next case

We have the running server with Installed Apollo Professional License


Noow we need to migrate it to another one server


to make it, we are going to get the Apollo Professional Maintenance service license


so the question


How we can avoid the problem with stoping of the current running license during the migration of the APollo license to another server?


it is maybe more question about the maintencane politic

If i call back the current license to claim/activate on another one

Do the license stop immideatly? or how


we need 2 weeks to migrate all imagery from old server to new one




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Re: Apollo 16.5 miantenance conditions

Hi Abzal,


I would suggest to submit a licensing ticket. In the license portal, you can select the concerned license and submit a ticket to explain the issue.

Maybe you have a test or failover license you can use during the migration?