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Apollo 2020 and Liberica JDK

Hi All,


I have a request from customer re Apollo 2020 release. Doed Apollo support Liberica Open JDK?


Thank you in advance,


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Re: Apollo 2020 and Liberica JDK

Hello Nik.


Accoding to ERDAS APOLLO 2020 the release document


With the ERDAS APOLLO 2020 release, Java remains an external dependency in the server application and
now also the Data Manager. ERDAS APOLLO 2020 is certified on the latest Long Term Supported (LTS)
versions from Oracle (version 8 or 11), including other Java platforms such as OpenJDK and Amazon Corretto


Liberica is another flavor of OpenJDK,similiar to Amazon Correto so I can see no reason why it would not work as if conforms to OpenJDK.



Thank You,