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Apollo Upgrade - Migration Stratetgy



We have ERDAS Apollo installed as a network load balanced pair of servers


All the imagery sources exist on shared storage.


Would it be possible to take 1 server offline, and upgrade it from EA 2015 to EA 2016, and then cutover to it, then upgrade the other server?


This would enable continuity and a solid back-out plan if things don't go properly.










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Re: Apollo Upgrade - Migration Stratetgy

Hi Rolando,


The problem is that you have to update the database and some configuration files.

I would recommend, if you have the ressources:

  • make a copy of the APOLLO DB
  • install APOLLO 2016.02 on a new server (new cluster install) and point to the DB copy: for the license, you can use a TFB if you have or disconnect one 2015 node.
  • point to the pyramids, thumbnails, etc. folder (or to a copy)
  • copy the providers if you have some Adv. services (and queryables, decoder, etc.)
  • make sure the new install works properly
  • switch the load balancing to the new 2016 node and shut down the 2015 nodes
  • add a new node 2016.02 to the cluster

You can contact your local representative (or the support) to assist you.






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Re: Apollo Upgrade - Migration Stratetgy



how I want to install Erdas Apollo 15.4 on failover cluster environment with one virtual Ip but  I have only one cocurrent  license please suggest me what step should I take,


Regards ,


Kashif Razi