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Apollo (geospatial) portal configuration

I have few questions about Apollo (geospatial) portal based on the customers issues:

  • the user is logged in (with defined email adress), but when download data.. he must fill email adress again, and again. Is it possible to take email from the apollo (as default)?
  • And few questions about buttons bellow the mapwindows with relation to selected data.
  • is it possible to disable "Add to Clip-Zip-Ship" for the data where this clip funkction cannot be used? (like PDF, TXT,.. file)
  • is the Open with... listbox konfigurable? (eg. remove Open in imagine row) Or customizable?
  • is it possible to konfigurace/restrict the Metadata litstbox according to data type? (eg. let only Index Metadata for any data type in the offer).

Many thanks


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Re: Apollo (geospatial) portal configuration

Hi Jan,


  • This would be a great feature, you could suggest it in Ideation Smiley Happy
  • This is already the case, if a dataset is not a coverage, you cannot add it to CZS (but you can add its aggregate... and it will fail I guess)
  • It should be possible by editing: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Hexagon\Services\Instances\apollo-portal\Web.config (look for "Imagine")
  • No idea maybe you could try to customize that in the Portal Web.config or *.aspx.