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Apolo Catalog raster styles when using Core WMS

Switched to 'Core WMS' for Apollo Catalog.

Is this correct sequence for adding multiple styles for an Apollo Catalog raster image (seems to work):

  1. Use Data Manager 'Edit Raster Styles' for aggregate and add 'dummy' names styles.
    e.g. add style 'False' and style 'RGB'
  2. Use Core Console to define the styles
    1. Expand 'APOLLO-Catalog' and find the image the styles are required for
      (I understand can't define styles for aggregate folder 'virtual mosaic', only images in folder at this stage due to present 'core WMS' limitation)
    2. Click Configure button under styles
    3. Configure default style as per style required when image is requested without default style
    4. Add additional styles matching names created in data manager, configure as per imagechain online help
    5. Apply
  3. Back in 'Data manger' recreate the thumbnails so pick up the default style defined.

Hope thats supported mechanism, thanks

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Re: Apolo Catalog raster styles when using Core WMS



Yes, if you have configured APOLLO to use the Core WMS for the cataloged images, you just have to set the styles in the Core Console (nothing else to do).

If you want, of course, you can recreate the thumbnails with the new default style set in the Core Console.