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Accepted Solution

Clip Zip Ship Remote FTP

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anybody managed to use clip zip ship and deliver the output to a DISTANT FTP server ?


I tried by mapping a network drive (not to a drive letter but with the option "Connect to a Web site that you can use to store ...") and by using a shortcut to the network drive without any success.


That resulted in both emails (acknowledge and link to download) sent but the file is not copied to the distant FTP. Process Monitor is showing success everywhere but the operation fails.


For now, the only solution would be to use ftp.exe with a scheduled task which is a very ugly solution.


Thanks for your help !

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Re: Clip Zip Ship Remote FTP

There is a known issue regarding CZS output 

AP-9535 Clip-Zip-Ship zip file is not configured correctly after changing output directory


Basically if you are trying to change the default CZS output directory, it will not work. The zip file was generated in the new network share location, that is good. But the problem is the IIS->Provisioning folder still points to the old default location. You have to manually correct the IIS virtual directory.



hope it helps.


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Re: Clip Zip Ship Remote FTP



the problem is that it's not possible to deliver the resulting .zip file to a distant ftp server. It's only possible on a local drive or UNC path but not on a distant FTP server (which can't be reached via UNC path).


I'll continue my research and tests.



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Re: Clip Zip Ship Remote FTP

Hi Olyster, pls did you find a solution? I am trying the same but without any success yet. Thanks



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Re: Clip Zip Ship Remote FTP



unfortunately we went for another solution since it's not possible with Clip Zip Ship for now...