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Configure Image Style in Appolo



1 - How can I configure similar style as shown below(from arcgis) in apollo? Because this setting seems to produce realistic colors and comes default  from arcgis.


esri image style.png


Percent clip and gamma stretch


2- I understand that I can configure style in both Data Manager and Core Console.

  • What is the difference between these tools applying the style?
  • and which is recommended?

as both of them seems to do similar job. Slightly confused about their role or where it fits in the workflow.





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Re: Configure Image Style in Appolo

Hi Navaneeth,

It is difficult to compare ArcGIS (desktop) with APOLLO that is a server. The styling in APOLLO is used to style some published services like WMS, WMTS, etc. There are different tools because there are different service sources.
The styling in the Core Console applies to the services created in the Core or to the WMS of cataloged images (only if you have choosen the Core during the configuration for the ApolloCatalogWMS).
In the Data Manager, you can style cataloged vector and images for the ApolloCatalogWMS by right-clicking on the aggregate or on the feature.
In the Data Manager, you can also style the WMS from the legacy services. For rasters, this is the same tool than the cataloged images but for vectors, you need to run the Style Editor (see "tools" in install dir) and publish the styles.