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Data Manager (2015) - CADRG (.tl3 files) support

Hi All,

Does DM support CADRG in .TL3 files extentions?

I tried to crawl these type of files and DM couldn't add it to the catalog.


According to this document http://www.hexagongeospatial.com/technical-documents/erdas-apollo-2015-product-description 

CADRG format is supported.





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Re: Data Manager (2015) - CADRG (.tl3 files) support

Hi Prrok,

Can you use IMAGINE to export img/tif to this .tl3?
When I use IMAIGNE 2016 CADRG (Compressed ADRG) exporter, I could not find .tl3 from output folder.
output folder


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Re: Data Manager (2015) - CADRG (.tl3 files) support



CADRG uses an A.TOC file which points to the frame files in the subfolders (CTLC in my case). ERDAS APOLLO recognizes the A.TOC and catalogs it successfully. The separate *.tl3 frames files are not recognized as raster files. The frame files are NITF format, the file extension is a combination of the product type (TL= topographic line map, and 3 is the ARC Zone 3 (the coordinate system)). Most image file formats have a “magic number” in the first word, so software such as ERDAS IMAGINE can identify the file format without depending on the file extension.  ERDAS APOLLO does not support this 'magic number' at this time and just uses the decoder.txt and the decoder.ymal files to associate a file extension with the actual file type and the raster library to use to read it.


A user can edit the decoder.txt and decoder.ymal files and map .tl3 as a NITF file format. The problem is that if they have any files in other ARC zones (there are 18 zones) they would have map each zone extension. This would also be true for any other CADRG product.


I hope this helps to a degree...