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Accepted Solution

Dynamic Watermarking

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Hi there,


from my knowledge, dynamic watermarking/copyright is not supported with Essentials 2016.


By dynamic watermarking I mean changing the watermark according to the data/extent displayed. Like in google maps. In Google maps, the web site is showing the dynamic watermark and if used in a GIS, the watermark is added to the image by the server. That's what I'd like to achieve. Having the server adding the watermark. That way it's visible by all client type.


Maybe the information could be retrieved from the files shown (ecw, jp2,etc) in the current extent (virtual mosaic or not) or an external spatial data source (shapefile, Spatial database, etc) could be used to get the information to be shown in the watermark. I'm thinking about a text watermark.


How would you approach this feature ?







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Re: Dynamic Watermarking

ERDAS APOLLO Core/Essential has the ability to dynamically embed a watermark image onto any subsetting image request, such as ImageX, WMS and WMTS image requests. Watermarking is easily configured using the console and is configured on a per Service basis, hence different services can have different watermarking configurations.


To configure watermarking, follow the steps below.
1.Select the service you want to enable watermarking on.
2.Check Enable Watermarking for this service, which will enable watermarking and display the watermarking options.
3.Specify the watermark image.
4.Select the desired position the watermark will appear at.

Left Top, Center Top,Right Top
Left Center, Center Center, Right Center
Left Bottom,Center Bottom, Right Bottom

5.Select the desired watermark transparency.
6.Press Apply to save the changes. Watermarking is now configured and will appear in all image subsetting requests.


Hope it helps


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Re: Dynamic Watermarking



thanks for your answer.


What you posted is the procedure to add watermark.


Please reread my post to understand what I'm trying to achieve.



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Re: Dynamic Watermarking

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I finally created a custom function in Geoserver.


This function is used in a wms layer which is then used as an "overlay generator".


It ouputs a tranparent layer with the dynamic label. The label's content is refreshed on each pan and/or zoom.


Maybe this could help someone.