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Dear CHexagon GSP community


I need support and advise from your side


Can we use ECW/JP2 SDK read-write license to publish ECW imagery (mosaics) as OGC services (WMS/WMTS) via GeoServer (opensource) server software on geoportal?


are there any principal legal limitations for our case? We read the End-user license agreement for Server read-write license and didn't find any restrictions for to publish ECW as WMS service


the challange

We have heavy Tiff images, but the straming via OGC is quite slow and request many GB of "server storage memory" 


Can you advise us the licnese for our case 

GeoServer - 8 core 

Publish the OGC WMS from ECW imagery




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Re: ECW/JP2000 SDK



For reading ECW in a third party server application, you need an ERDAS ECW JP2 SDK license.

Please refer to the ECW SDK user guide or check this KB article: https://community.hexagongeospatial.com/t5/ECW-Q-A/License-for-reading-or-writing-ECW-in-third-party...


This is stated in the GDAL doc as well: https://gdal.org/drivers/raster/ecw.html