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New Contributor
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Registered: ‎09-19-2016

ERDAS APOLLO 2016 EP04 Styling an aggregate

Im using Apollo-adv 2016 and have installed EP04, i noticed that after applying a style to an aggregate, If i generate thumbnails the style is not being applied. if i add the dataset to map, the default style is not applied in the data manager and the geoportal. But when i use the wms request in some other clients, for example qgis or from a browser, and state that the default style should be used, the default style i created for the aggregate shows. Has anyone else encountered this? How can i resolve it?

Technical Evangelist
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Re: ERDAS APOLLO 2016 EP04 Styling an aggregate

Yes, I noticed the same issue in 16.04. Please create support ticket for this issue.

You can define reaster style in Apollo essential (core) admin console.