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Registered: ‎12-16-2018

ERDAS ECW JPEG 2000 SDK 5.4.0 Display Error

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I've added ECW / JPEG 2000 Support to my GIS Viewer using Version 5.4.0. It works fine with ECW Files and the testdata. But then I try JPEG 2000 Files compressed with Photoshop 2018, I get heavy decompression artifacts but no Error code from SDK.

The NCSEcw.dll Version is


UsIng SDK Version any think works OK. But I think, the decompression is slower.
I have found in the meantime a DLL version, but only for Win64, I need Win 32. Has anyone a solution


Greetings Klaus

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Re: ERDAS ECW JPEG 2000 SDK 5.4.0 Display Error

Hi Klaus,


The development told me that it looks like an known issue that is being fixed for the next release of the ECW JP2 SDK (around Feb 2019).

If you want more details and the confirmation that this is the same issue, please fill a support ticket with the problematic JP2 attached.