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Erdas Apollo on public IP

Hi All,


I have ERDAS Apollo Advantage 2018 and I have configured all to work with local IP.


Curently, I have a few services created with Core console (WMS, WMTS) and a few wector services with WMS and WFS interfaces enabled.

Also, I have one Geospatial portal instance createrd with maps predefined with services which have local IP adreses.


Now I have got public IP. What is the easiest  way to make my Geospatial portal instance, with all published data visible to public?




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Re: Erdas Apollo on public IP

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Re: Erdas Apollo on public IP

Hi Micko,


I would first reconfigure APOLLO by setting the public server name during the configuration (Hostname in " HTTP Server Settings").

Then, you can check the "TRANSLATOR" configuration parameter in all the providers.fac. In the Core Console, select "server" on the left panel and check the "Host" in the server options.