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Erdas Appolo Cluster /License Configuration



We currently have APPOLO ADVANTAGE  8 CORE  license. We were planning to have it on single server, but also like to know if clustering is supported as this will increase the performance as we expect a number of concurrent users 200 to 300 may.


We have some questions regarding server and license configuration:


  • Can we create a cluster with this license? If can do we need to add license to all servers?
  • How many servers can we add?
  • What does 8 Core really means? 
  • If we install on a single node , can we configure this to a cluster without altering primary node?

Is there any document clearly explaining the recormmended architecture?


Thank you.


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Re: Erdas Appolo Cluster /License Configuration

Hi Navaneeth,


In a cluster, you need one license per node because each node contains one APOLLO server.

"8 Cores" means you can have up to 8 cores (CPU) on the server (node) where APOLLO is installed.

So, with an 8 core license, you can have only one node. You cannot split the license.

It is possible to set up a cluster with only one node but you will not have performance improvements. But, with that configuration you can add as much nodes as you want later without modifying the configuration. You just need additionnal licenses (one license per node).



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Registered: ‎01-11-2017

Re: Erdas Appolo Cluster /License Configuration

Thanks for the update. Its clear now.

We do have a failover license which we plan incase of production environment failiures.