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Export KML from Apollo Catalog



 When I try to downloading a SHP files in KML format from de Apollo Catalog and try to opened on Google Earth there is not vector information, I don’t see anything. Before open the file on Google Earth, I enter my username and password, so the connection with Apollo it is fine. This problem only happens with vector information because, when I download images if I can see in Google Earth.




This is when I open the KML file in Google Earth.


I hope you can help

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Re: Export KML from Apollo Catalog

By default google earth only show transparent BBOX and thumbnail, but after you check “KML View”, you will be prompted with login account for Apollo server, and then you will see on-the-fly WMS feed from APOLLO into Google Earth.


hope it helps.

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Re: Export KML from Apollo Catalog

Hi, again


The problem is not in the credentials, because we can connect and no error message appears.




But no vector information is and some kind of error is displayed in the KML.




I tested the properties of KML, I found the link to the data request to the server did not return anything. This is what shows me the browser.





What I did was replace these network link...:


http://..... /erdas-apollo/coverage/EAIM?service=WMS&VERSION=1.1.1&REQUEST=GetMap&SRS=EPSG:4326&WIDTH=256&HEIGHT=256&LAYERS=Areas_Contractuales&STYLES=&TRANSPARENT=TRUE&FORMAT=application%2Fvnd.google-earth.kml%2Bxml&EXCEPTIONS=INIMAGE&BBOX=-97.75622249093372,20.33155590052249,-97.04002950996072,21.132691712747196



with this, where I found in the tag <NetworkLink> into the KML file and returns a file type EAIM from the browser:





But still does not work. Anyone have any idea.




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Re: Export KML from Apollo Catalog



If you are using a vector service to do this, go to the catalog web page and search for the sevice. You will see a WFS and a WMS version. Select the WMS version and follow the same workflow as you have done already and it should work. I get the same result as you describe when I use the WFS but not the WMS.