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GeoCompressor 2018, ECW is shifted



I am compressing a Geo TIF with a state plane coordinate system using GeoCompressor 2018. The output ecw is shifted about 12 feet from its original position. I am using ArcMap to view both the Geo TIF and ecw file. Does anyone have any idea why this might be happening and if there is a solution for this.





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Re: GeoCompressor 2018, ECW is shifted

Hi mcarlson,


Have you tried to open both images in another software and/or to overlay an external service? Have you checked if, in the ECW header, the EPSG code is the right one?

The GeoTiff is associated with a tfw file?

I mean there is no reprojection with GeoCompressor so the issue should be caused by the interpretation of the advertised coordinate system of the images.

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Re: GeoCompressor 2018, ECW is shifted


Please create a support ticket. IWe will investigate further.




Partha Roy

Hexagon Support