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GeoCompressor License Limitation

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Hi All,


What is the compression limits in terms of image size that can be achieved with different license level of GeoCompressor? I understand Essentials - 250 gigapixels, Advantage  - 500 gigapixels and Professional - unlimited; what is the interpretation of this in terms of Megabites and Gigabites?


Also can ECWJP2 SDK read-write version perform compression quivalent to GeoCompressor professionals?

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Re: GeoCompressor License Limitation

Hi Ksewe,


for example, for input image 10000x10000 pixels in heigh and width, the number of pixels is 100,000,000 = 100 Gigapixels
if the uncompressed original/input image is 3 bands (RGB), 8bit, then the size of the image will be 100,000,000 x 3 x 8bit = 2400000000 bit = around 286 MB


Geocompressor use ECW JP2 SDK internally, so the SDK RW should have the similar performance as geocompressor.



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Re: GeoCompressor License Limitation

GeoCompressor Essentials can compress upto how many Megabites? or Gigabites of image? If someone wants to know the size limitation for each license level.

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Re: GeoCompressor License Limitation

You can find the information in the user guide.