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Image Metadata

We have all 500k images loaded into Data Manager and viewable on our web portal.  We have metadata in an access database that includes data such as image capture date, altitude, scale, route, etc.  We were told we could link the images to their data, however have been unsucessful.  Does anyone know how to? (besides creating an XML file for each image)

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Re: Image Metadata

Hi Austin,


You could create gim files (with queryables) or ISO XML files (one per file).

If you have always the same metadata fields, you could create queryables (e.g. "capture date", "altitude", etc.) and then create for each dataset a gim file with the properties. See an article about gim and queryables: https://community.hexagongeospatial.com/t5/ERDAS-APOLLO-Q-A/Add-queryable-to-GIM-Generated-item-meta...

Once it is done, you should recrawl the data.

As your data is already in the catalog, you could use the API to populate the queryables for each dataset using a script. This looks to me the best option. The doc of the REST interface of an APOLLO installation is: http://myApolloInstall/erdas-apollo/api-docs/#/