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ImageX - WMTS



I'm currently trying to get the best performance out of ERDAS Apollo.


From the documentation I read that hexagon has reached 380 tiles/seconds with Apollo.


I followed the step-by-step Instructions in :




There's a step which reads :


Step 6

"Next we need to set an option in the ERAS APOLLO Essentials config.xml so that the WMS and WMTS protocols will use the ImageX Application instead of ecwp."


... and further in the same documentation :


"When performing ImageX or WMS requests, to make use of the performance configuration, access to ImageX or WMS should be via the ImageX Application"


So according to the last statement, Step 6 doesn't automatically make use of ImageX Application when using WMTS protocol.


My question is : How can I get the best performance with Apollo WMTS ? How do I change the WMTS service to use ImageX ?






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Re: ImageX - WMTS