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Accepted Solution

Is it now possible to change public name of existing Apollo install?

Customer has an existing Apollo and WebMap install with existing public facing name.
We are going to build a replacement enviornment based on 16.0 EP02, hopefully side - by - side with existing and then cut over to the new enviornment. Idea is to build new enviornment with a 'staging' public name and then at go live cut over to actual public name, illustrated by following diagram.


Note: customer uses Apollo core, Apollo catalog and WebMap capabilities.

For the cutover, changing WebMap public name from staging to actual is straight forward.

For Apollo - at least back in version 2014 - a full uninstall - reinstall was required. Is that still the case - full uninstall, reinstall needed or is it possible to update some config files or similar now? Or perhaps there is an alternative approach I could consider.



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Re: Is it now possible to change public name of existing Apollo install?

CR-Defect was not fixed, it may be scheduled in 17.0, so unfortunately this is still an issue in APOLLO 2016.2.