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LDAP Tech Question




How is the authentication handled between the database with the pricinple roles and LDAP when use of LDAP has been enabled with Apollo? what technology is used in the backend and how are the requests handled when for example a WMS is called and an active directory username and password is entered.


I believe for example if a WMS GetCapabilities is requested, the request will go to IIS, which will pass the request to JBOSS (using 2015 not 2016) and then the authentication, data location, XML response etc is check in the database and passed back through.  What are the steps with LDAP and also what technology and compenents are involved?


Many thanks,



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Re: LDAP Tech Question

Hi Clare,


Checked this with Apollo engineering team. All authentication is controlled in LDAP.

All workflows are essentially the same with LDAP, the authentication and authorization is just stored in LDAP instead of the APOLLO catalog database. Configuring this has changed as we have transitioned from JBOSS to Tomcat, but conceptually it is the same.


hope it helps.