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Layer specific GetCapabilities



is it possible to generate a GetCapabilities for a single layer which appears in Core console ?



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Re: Layer specific GetCapabilities

Hi Olyster,


You mean you have a service with many layers and you would like to be able to create a subset of the getCapabilities just for one layer?

This is not possible with a Core service. Only APOLLO Advantage/Pro offers this possibility using the getLayer request: request=getLayer&layers=

This is supported by the legacy services and by ApolloCatalogWMS.


There might be a workaround by creating a la legacy service on top of your Core service: proxy service or web map context.

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Re: Layer specific GetCapabilities

I can think of 2 ways to get this done

  1. Create a new service in Apollo Core Admin console with just the layers you want.
  2. This way is a bit dirty but it should work. Create a static XML getcapabilities document with just the layers you want and put it somewhere it can be served by IIS  e.g. http://localhost/wms/testing.xml then use this url as the WMS getcapabilities in your WMS client.   This should work with most clients but you would need to do your own testing to make sure (I did a quick test with QGis and Erdas Imagine and it worked).

Hope this helps


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Re: Layer specific GetCapabilities



we created one static GetCapabilities per layer but there was a change in the structure so now the ending tags are </layer></layer></layer> instead of </layer></layer></layer></layer>.


This is why we looked for a way to generate a GetCapabilities per layer.


We will make our script more flexible.


Thanks for your answer.