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Rendering ECWP service on Apollo 2020 Geoportal

Hi Everyone, 


Recentlly I have updated Apollo 2020 in my machine. As Erdas apollo 2020 portfolio mentioned that they are back with ECWP rendering on web portal using web Assembly options in the browser. 


Am working on chrome version is 79.0.3945.130 (Official Build) (64-bit). I have enabled "Experimental WebAssembly"  option using "chrome://flags" link. 


But still when i try to use "Add as ECWP" option in geoportal, am getting error as "ECW plugin is not supported in this platform". same as shown in apollo 2016, 2018 versions. 


So can i have a soluton for this? How to render the ECWP service on geoportal? 

is there anything still i need to setup in the browser for this?




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Re: Rendering ECWP service on Apollo 2020 Geoportal

Hi Karthik,

The Geospatial Portal has not yet added support for decoding ecwp in the browser.

Currently only Catalog Explorer has official support. There is also an ECWP-Leaflet layer for developers who wish to add support to leaflet.


A basic Leaflet example does ship with Apollo, you should be able to access that under the examples page.

You can view a spesific image by appending "?ecwp_url" to the end of the request, for example: https://demo-apollo.hexagongeospatial.com/erdas-iws/samples/ECWPWebAssembly/?ecwps://demo-apollo.hex...

However be aware that is is very easy to run into browser security related issues if the ECWP server and the web server do not have correct CORS configurations. If the browser blocks the request check the console (F12).


I realise that this isn't a perfect solution, but the ECWP WASM decoder is still very new, and it could be some time before other technologies adopt this.