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Scale Hints not responding in ERDAS APOLLO Essentials

Hi All,


I am using ERDAS Apollo core console to publish a dataset. I am using the dataset as WMS service. When trying to the set scaling on the raster dataset using the Scale Hints, it doesn't responds in the Geospatial Portal. I am setting the scale for min & max, say for example 10000 & 2000000, in portal the layer doen't corresponds to same values.


Any suggestions, would be very much helpful.





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Re: Scale Hints not responding in ERDAS APOLLO Essentials

Hi aroop,


By reading the documentation, I think this is because you used the "scale hint" in APOLLO Core:


which is the ground lenght the of pixel diagonal (in meter)

but, you could choose the use the "scale denonmitor" which the OGC way of defining the screen rendered scale (std pix size of 0.28mm).


The Portal uses also the OGC scale denominator to display the scale value: https://hexagongeospatial.fluidtopics.net/reader/2rihPMcx61ytuIrEvyS6Ag/L4hwTqkluM8jLayHPqh1wg


So, I suggest to use the "scale denominator" in APOLLO Core instead of "scale hint"