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Registered: ‎05-23-2016

Thumbails create error in any file system

the ERDAS Apollo Advantage version is 2016 EP02


This is the error we get :


There was a problem decoding this entity, com.erdas.rsp.babel.model.persistence.GenericItemEntity[43b98bbc5aade31f015b7a7c935b049f]

in the job errors


I attach also the job errors form?


Any idea?


Maria Martinez

Technical Evangelist
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Registered: ‎07-30-2015

Re: Thumbails create error in any file system

New problem in EP02? or same issue in 2016?
Does this issue happen to all your dataset? or this is data specific? Can you open the data in IMAGINE?

Tomcat server log should have more details regarding this issue.



Posts: 36
Registered: ‎05-23-2016

Re: Thumbails create error in any file system

Thanks , it happens only with DXF files , I have put a new  metadata.gim on the folders and no in the subfolders

I believe I have to copy one metadata.gim on each subfolder (I have hundreds)

All the subfolders have same EPSG

The  folders structure is :


municipality number 1 scale 1:1000




municipality number 1 scale 1:2000




Unitl more than 100 municipalities

Should we copy metadata.gim on each DXF folder 2D and 3D


Tbanks a lot

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Registered: ‎11-16-2015

Re: Thumbails create error in any file system

Hi Maria,


Right, you need at least one prj or gim file per folder.

It can be quick using windows cmd commands.