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Thumbnails in Erdas Apollo Catalog

Hi all,


Is anybody know is it possible to define custom thumbnails for service, layers, agregates and data sets in Apollo Catalog.




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Re: Thumbnails in Erdas Apollo Catalog

Hi Micko,


You can configure that in the Data Manager: Configuration -> Provisioning



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Re: Thumbnails in Erdas Apollo Catalog

Hello Micko,
the thumbnail of any data set in the Apollo Catalog is an attachment named thumbnail.
You can use the REST API to add your own thumbnail into the catalog, please take a look at this funktion:
To add a thumbnail your request URI might look like this:
with the following JSON content:
  "name": "thumbnail",
  "path": "file:///C:/testdaten_queryables/test.TIF",
  "mimeType": "image/tif"
Now in the DataManager and in Apollo Portal your thumbnail is displayed in the thumbnail panel.
Best regards