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WPS for multiple Portal


Anybody know how to publish different Geoprocess (WPS) into different portal using Erdas Apollo? For Example, 
An Institution has 3 different portal (A,B,C), they want each portal to run different Geoprocess.

Portal A will have NDVI geoprocessing
Portal B will run image enhancement geoprocessing
Portal C will run change detection geoprocessing


thank you and regards,


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Re: WPS for multiple Portal

Hi Nimas,


No, if this is the same APOLLO catalog, the same geoprocesses will be available.

But, with different users and roles you can only make available some geoprocesses to some users.


If the use of those Portals are public, I mean the users don't need to log in the consume the data, then it is possible to do the following:

  • create 3 roles and related users (role1, role2, role3 and user1, user2, user3 as the user1 has the role1, etc.)
  • set the security on the cataloged geoprocesses as one role correspond to one geoprocess (role1 can only see geoprocess1, etc. for instance). You can also do the same with the related data if needed.
  • create 3 new portals, customize the workspace, etc. and log in on each portal with a different user (user1 with portal1, etc.) and save the workspace by including the logged user. Set the workspace as starting workspace.

By doing this, on each Portal you will see only one geoprocess available.