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create legacy raster service via Apollo REST API

Hello community,


I can't find the correct endpoint to create a legacy raster service using the Apollo REST API.

How can I create raster services (just like we can do for vector services)?

What am I missing?


Kind regards


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Re: create legacy raster service via Apollo REST API

Hi Elodie,


As per my understanding, there are no API endpoints to work with legacy raster services Smiley Sad




Jan Neumann
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Hexagon Geospatial

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Re: create legacy raster service via Apollo REST API

Hi Elodie,


Right, only the legacy vector services are available in the API. You might suggest an idea for that feature: https://community.hexagongeospatial.com/t5/Product-Ideas/idb-p/ProductIdeas/label-name/erdas%20apoll...


But, there is a workaround: adding manually a new raster provider.

There is a way to do that remotely by using the "clustered providers" option (no need to edit the .fac file each time). So the providers are stored in the database and available immediately after their creation (no need to start the providers). You could therefore simply create a new service using a SQL request.

To enable that, you need to edit the configuration of the providers.fac (and restart Tomcat):

<CLUSTER DB="postgresql://localhost:5432/user+myDBuser/password+myPwd/database+myDB" />

Then, check the "providers" table to see how is stored a provider so you can do the same with a SQL request.