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ecw plugin for arcgis desktop version 10.4

Hi there,


We note that the crrent version of the ecw plugin for arcgis desktop doesn't support the latest version of ArcGIS desktop (10.4). Are there any plans to add this support to the plugin?




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Re: ecw plugin for arcgis desktop version 10.4

Hi Sean,


At this time the 2015 version of the ECW Plugin for ArcGIS Desktop does not support ArcGIS 10.4.  Esri does not do 'simple' dot update/upgrades.  The changes from 10.3 to 10.4 were significant.  We are currently working on our 2016 version of the plugin which will support 10.4  


I do not have nor know of a release date for the plugin but it is being worked on.  Sorry for the inconvienice.  However, with ArcGIS 10.4 they should support ECW/ECWP, unless that is they chose not to follow the license agreements for our SDK and implement it.