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images can't viewed on the map

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i'm using erdas apollo 16.4. I'm crawling datasets, but when i'm adding to the map, the image can't be viewed. on the log file, i found there're errors on generating thumbnail, like below :


ERROR (quartzSchedulerFactory_Worker-1)[com.erdas.apollo.dmbl.tasks.GenerateThumbnailTask] Error during Thumbnail Generation Task for ACEH_s7_012017. WMS GetMap request failed. Exception: java.rmi.ConnectIOException: com.ionicsoft.net.HttpException: Internal Server Error; nested exception is: 
	com.ionicsoft.net.HttpException: Internal Server Error

then, when i add the image, it's just the image footprint that is showed. like this :


data manager.png


i attached the log file if needed.


anyone has the solution?





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Re: images can't viewed on the map

Try loading the WMS getcapabilities documents in a browser


and this one will require credentials




You can also try the Apollo Core WMS getcapabilities



You should get an XML document that describes the WMS service but if you get an error this will help you solve the problem.

I think the ApolloCatalogWMSPublic service may give you the answer you are looking for.