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Apollo 2020 JVM memory configuration

by Technical Evangelist ‎02-11-2020 08:03 AM - edited ‎11-02-2020 07:01 PM (345 Views)

here are two places you can configure memory for your Apollo 2020 server.


[1] APOLLO TOMCAT Service JVM memory

Double click C:\Program Files\Hexagon\ERDAS APOLLO\tomcat\bin\APOLLOTOMCATw.exe, from following server property dialog, go to Java tab, and change “Maximum memory pool”. By default the Maximum memory pool is 4GB.

Screenshot from 2020-02-11 09-57-36.png


[2] APOLLO Raster Data Server (RDS) JVM memory
RDS is an external process that is spawned by the ERDAS APOLLO ProcessManager service. RDS is responsible  for raster decoding for raster crawler. The ProcessManager service is responsible for managing a pool of 64 bit RDS processes. It can spawn a new instance of RDS or utilize one from the pool of existing RDS processes in order to fulfill an imagery request


NOTE: Tomcat JVM memory and RDS JVM memory is not connected at all ( just like JBOSS JVM memory and RDS JVM memory in APOLLO 2015). So Tomcat JVM max memory limit will not be a limit for RDS processes... RDS processes directly consume available physical memory ..


By default, APOLLO server starts 3 java processes – one for the main server (which is now tomcat8.exe) then two child java.exe processes. The child processes are the RDS processes. The RDS processes are what does a lot of the imagery decoding/rendering, If the APOLLO server has started up correctly, you should see something like this in process explorer:

Screenshot from 2020-02-11 09-55-49.png


User can change the RDS JVM memory (e.g., Xmx memory for 64-bit RDS java tune up parameters) from Apollo data manager, also change how many RDS processes (Maximum Decoder processes)

Screenshot from 2020-02-11 10-01-32.png


In some Apollo installation, the JVM paramater Value fields are empty. User has to modify catalog database directly.

Catalog table catalog_sys_params:



[3] APOLLO Data Manager JVM memory

Apollo data manager can sometimes run out of memory (e.g., Java heap space error during crawling job).

User can modify data manager ini (C:\Program Files\Hexagon\ERDAS APOLLO Data Manager\datamanager.ini)

Change Xmx from "-Xmx512m" to "-Xmx1024m"