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Apollo 2020u2 "Unable to decode file" & "connection refused" error in tomcat server log

by Technical Evangelist ‎10-15-2020 06:08 AM - edited ‎10-22-2020 07:34 AM (104 Views)


User recently reported regression issue when crawling vector data in Apollo 2020 update 2. Vector crawling job will fail with "unable to decode file" error in Apollo tomcat server log

No issue in Apollo 2002 update 1.


The product team is aware of this issue and it needs further investigation, but there is a simple workaround described below. Fortunately, this behavior is not happening on all APOLLO instances.


The issue is not related to credentials, but rather to how the service understands "localhost."



User's raster crawling job may successed without error in data manager, but there are "refused connection" error in Tomcat server log.


java.rmi.ConnectException: Connection refused to host:; nested exception is: Connection refused: connect




Do the following to workaround the behavior...


Open IIS Manager Expand the tree view to select Default Web Site -> DecodingService In /DecodingService Home panel, open Configuration Editor In the Section field, enter system.webServer/security/ipSecurity and hit Enter.


From the list of properties that appear, change allowUnlisted to True.

Now select Default Web Site ->FgdbService, from the tree view and repeat the steps above to change its allowUnlisted property.


The change should be immediate, but you may wish to restart IIS service to be sure.