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ERDAS APOLLO Portray service doesn't work with a WCS

by Moderator on ‎04-20-2018 03:12 AM (277 Views)


ERDAS APOLLO Portray service doesn't work with a WCS. Typically, a WCS cannot be displayed within the Vector Style editor with the APOLLO portray service.


IIS is configured by default to restrict URL and querystring lengths (a typical effective security mitigation technique). However, the query string to the Portray service requires a SLD style containing the WCS service. The URL and/or query string can be consequently longer than the maximum length allowed by IIS.


Being aware of the security consequences, it is possible to edit the maximum query string and URL lengths allowed by IIS.

  1. Edit Request Filtering settings
    • Open IIS Management Console
    • Select the "erdas-apollo" virtual directory
    • Double click on the "Request Filtering" iconreq_filter1.png
    • Edit the the maximum query string and URL length (to 10000 for instance) in the Feature Settingsreq_filter2.png
  2. Edit erdas-apollo Web.config, some additional settings need to be set in the Web.config file
    • Open "C:\Program Files\Hexagon\ERDAS APOLLO\storage\htdocs\apollo-landing\web.config" in a text editor
    • Add the following as a child of <configuration>
      	<httpRuntime maxQueryStringLength="10000" maxUrlLength="10000"/>
    • Save the file
  3. Restart IIS